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Treasure Hunt for your Hen Party Nottingham

Want an activity that your Nottingham Hen Party can play in teams? Well this treasure hunt may be just what you're looking for! There is no fixed route and an abundance of clues for your hen party to work out. It's written especially for Nottinghamand will be a great way to see the sights of the beautiful city - as well as keeping you fit!

Treasure Hunt in NottinghamYour hen party will be given your packs of questions and tasks to perform, along with maps but it's up to you which ones you decide to use! You will need to blag your way into venues as well as coerce members of the public in order to get your photos. But don't be late back or you will lose some of your hard earned points! A novel hen partyidea!

· 1 - 3 hours of a fun treasure hunt (timings at your discretion);
· Free personalisation service including photos of the hen;
· A fun way to see the sights on your Nottingham hen party!
· Great photo opportunities for your hen party.

Minimum of 8 people
Location: around Nottinghamcity centre

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