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Why not indulge in THREE ACTIVITIES at the same venue?

Clay Pigeon Shooting in Newcastle

Mix and match any THREE of the four HOUR LONG Newcastle stag party activities below! They are all based at the same site so no need to think about transport in between.  Your stag party will be there for around 3-4 hours in total (depending on the stag party size). You will also be given extensive briefings for all the activities along with applicable safety equipment. There are refreshment facilities on site and a good value lunch can be bought on the day for only £5 per person. With something for everyone this is a fantastic way to spend your stag party in Newcastle.



Clay Pigeon Shooting (25 clays)

Clay Pigeon Shooting involves being taught the safe handling and use of the shotgun, together with being coached by our professional shooting instructor to shoot various sporting targets using either a 20 bore or 12 bore automatic shotgun.



After some target practice there will be a competition to see  who is the best shot amongst you. Your whole stag partywill be hitting bullseyes in no time!

Mud Buggy Racing


Mud Buggy Racing in Newcastle

Seated low to the floor and harnessed into your buggy, your stag party will skid and wheel-spin over an expanse of grass and mud.  As you put the pedal to the metal in these awesome machines you must try and stay on this fast, challenging track and over take your competitor.  After getting to know the controls and then some practice, races will be set up against you and your team mates with proper driver pit changes.  A great fun and very competitive stag party idea!

Quad Biking



Quad Biking in Newcastle

Take your stag party on the challenge of deep mud and slippery descents on the rocky terrain of the quad biking trail.  You will be accompanied by qualified instructors who will explain the bikes controls and riding techniques to you. BEWARE – you will not just be riding around on a flat field – prepare to be rather muddy!

Minimum of 6 people
Location: around 15 miles from Newcastle city centre

Only £89 per person for ALL THREE activities! 


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