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Sushi Making for your Hen Do Nottingham

Sushi is fresh, healthy, tasty and trendy. But hardly anyone tries their hand at making it because surely something which looks and tastes so beautiful must really be difficult to create? Not so. With this Nottingham hen doidea you'll learn a lot - all about the different types of sushi, as well as tips on how to make it yourself at home.

Sushi Making in NottinghamYour hen dowill start off with a demonstration on how to create some amazing culinary art and then have a go yourselves. A certificate will be awarded to everyone and the group member judged to have created the best sushi will also receive a genuine sushi knife to practice at home

· Approx one hour Sushi Making Master Class;
· Demonstration on how to prepare various sushi by the sushi chef;
· You will each get to make your own sushi under the guidance of the sushi chef;
· A certificate awarded to all those on your Nottingham hen do;
· A sushi knife awarded to the best sushi maker.

Minimum of 10 people
Location: Nottinghamcity centre

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