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Outdoor Football for your Stag Party Manchester

Stag Party Manchester
A great way to burn off a hangover and get the adrenalin pumping! Whatever size your stag party in Manchester (minimum of 10 people) they can play at this amazing floodlit all-weather football centre. Your stag partywill be split if it's a large party so that mini tournaments can be played, each match being supervised by a fully qualified FA referee.

After your stag partyhas finished playing they can shower, get changed and sit in the lounge analysing their game over a scrumptious buffet and a few drinks.

Stag Party Manchester
· Pitch hire (can be 5-a-side up to 11-a-side);
· A fully qualified FA referee;
· Safe and clean changing facilities on site;
· A licensed bar for after the match;
· A post-match buffet in the club lounge.

Minimum of 10 people
Location: Manchester city centre

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