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Salsa Dancing for your Hen Party Nottingham

Salsa Dancing in NottinghamSalsa dancing is a great activity to kick start your Nottingham hen party! Our patient salsa choreographer will go through the basic steps and give salsa dancing beginners an unforgettable experience, and for the more experienced salsa dancers, the chance to get one step nearer to being Reina de la Salsa!. A fantastic hen partyidea!

This energetic salsa class gives everyone at your hen partythe chance to enjoy learning and improving their salsa skills, and later on it would be a crime not to head out into the nightlife of Nottingham to show the locals those new moves!

· An hour and a half of Salsa Dancing tuition;
· An experienced choreographer;
· Great photo opportunities for your hen party;
· A certificate as a momento of your Nottingham Hen Party.

Minimum of 8 people
Maximum of 30 people
Location: Nottinghamcity centre

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