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Recording A Song for your Stag or Hen Party Blackpool

For all those on your Blackpool stag or hen party who want to try their hand at singing, then this is definitely the activity for you!

You will be greeted by the friendly host as well as the sound engineer, who will be there to guide your stag or hen party through two and a half hours of singing bliss! Once a song has been selected from the catalogue the producer will discuss who will record which section and then the sound engineer will liaise with your stag or hen party – and then the recording will commence!

This is a great way to get your Blackpool stag or hen party started! And who knows, you may be so good that you get a chance to sing at the wedding! Everyone also leaves with a personalised CD of their own,...a great memory of your stag or hen party!

· A 2½ hour recording session;
· Lyric sheets provided;
· Effects added to the tracks so you sound like professionals!
· A personalised CD for each person to take away with them.

Minimum of 8 people
Maximum of 20 people
Location: around 3 – 4 miles from Blackpool town centre

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