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Non Woodland Paintballing for your Stag or Hen Do Blackpool

The purpose built paintball arenas are impressively themed to make your Blackpool stag or hen do feel part of the action - built for maximum fun!  There are several games to play including Capture the Flag, Command Post Carnage, Wall of Death and of course Stag Kill! All the games have an objective, which is described to your stag or hen do in the safe area prior to each game. 

You will all be kitted out with German chemical warfare suites (as they are much thicker than standard overalls so giving better protection), masks and battle packs. Non Woodland Paintballing in BlackpoolThen it's off to do battle – and you can play as long as you like! On average you will use around 500 paintballs in 4 - 5 hours.

· Several varied games;
· First 100 Paintballs;
· More Paintballs can be bought on site;
· Full safety briefing & equipment demonstration;
· Complimentary tea/coffee on arrival;
· Latest spec semi-automatic paintball guns;
· Unlimited air propellant throughout the session;
· Protective chemical warfare suits provided;
· Full face and eye protective masks provided.

Minimum of 10 people
Location: around 3 – 4 miles from Blackpool town centre


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