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Off Road Karting for your Stag or Hen Do Nottingham

Off Road Karting in NottinghamOff Road Racing is a true adrenalin rush for your Nottingham stag or hen do. Using 400cc off road karts those who have tried it say it is unlike anything else they have done, complete with pit stops and changeovers.

These off road karts run on a sand circuit which is 730 metres long and has hills, tight bends, dips, slow bends and straights. It all sounds so easy but what you may have missed is that as it's on a sand track, the track changes every lap. And the racing line never lasts more than 5 minutes, so if those on your stag or hen do get the line wrong, they will spend most of the race with the rear wheels in the air!
Off Road Karting in Nottingham

· Two hours of Off Road Karting;
· Each driver will get around 15 – 20 minutes in the hot seat;
· A briefing by an experienced instructor;
· Refreshment facilities on site.

Minimum of 12 people
Location: around 18 miles from Nottingham city centre

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