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Off Road Driving Stag or Hen Party Edinburgh

Stag Party EdinburghLearn to drive 'off road' on one of the most challenging sites in Edinburgh! Extreme hills, rocks, water runs, and bogs all make for a fun and thrilling stag or hen party!  Your instructor will teach your stag or hen party how to handle some of the most difficult off road driving terrain and if you get stuck, maybe some winching techniques. Wearing old clothes is definitely recommended!

4x4 Off Road Driving may look slow, but it'scertainly not without excitement! The terrain has just about everything you could want for your stag or hen party to test their off road driving skills.

This is a great way to spend some of your time in Edinburgh. Plus, it's also great for involving members of your stag or hen party who perhaps aren't too confident in their own driving abilities - unlike quad biking and mud buggy racing, guests can be passengers, enjoying the ride without having to drive themselves.

· One hour of Off Road Driving (shared amongst 2 -5 drivers per vehicle);
· Safety briefing on arrival;
· Free car parking;
· Toilets and changing rooms on site;
· Refreshment facilities on site.

Minimum of 5 people
Location: around 10 miles from Edinburgh city centre

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