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Nightclubs & Queue Jumps for your Stag or Hen Nights in Nottingham

No stag or hen night in Nottingham would be complete without a trip to some of its famous bars and nightclubs. Leave the lines behind you with queue jump passes for your each of your stag or hen night guests. Plus, add to the experience of your stag or hen night with discounts in several top Nottingham restaurants.Queue Jumps and Nightclub Entry in Nottingham

A Bar & Party Pass (valid for the entire time your hen or stag night is in Nottingham):

· Entry into some of the most popular bars and nightclubs in Nottingham;
· FREE drinks and queue jumps in around FIFTEEN bars around town;
· Up to 20% off food in top Nottinghamrestaurants, and much more!

All this for only £5 per person!

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