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Mud Buggy Racing for your Edinburgh Hen or Stag Do

Edinburgh Hen or Stag DoMake your Edinburgh hen or stag do extra thrilling with a session of mud buggy racing, which is guaranteed to really get the adrenaline pumping during your time in Edinburgh.

Seated low to the floor and harnessed into your 400cc mud buggy, your hen or stag do will skid and wheel-spin over a track of grass and mud. These karts may be lightweight but can still go up to speeds of over 50 mph, each featuring independent suspension, a full multi-point roll cage and safety race harness With long straights, tight chicanes and sweeping corners it won't be long before you'll be driving that mud buggy like a professional!

After getting to know the controls and then some practice, races will be set up against you and your fellow hen or stag do guests with driver pit changes. If you survive the final without a spin off or a black flag you might be one of the lucky 3 on the podium with the bubbly!
Edinburgh Hen or Stag Do
Mud buggy racing is a fun way to add a bit of excitement to your hen or stag do in Edinburgh. The head-to-head competition with your hen or stag do guests will really liven up your time in Edinburgh.

· An hour and a half of Mud Buggy Racing;
· Briefing with an experienced instructor;
· All safety equipment including overalls, goggles, helmets and gloves;
· Refreshment facilities on site.

Minimum of 6 people
Location: around 30 minutes from Edinburgh city centre
Transport can be provided - please ask for a quotation

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