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Elizabethan Banquet at Medieval Retreat

Elizabethan Banquet at Medieval RetreatCome live like Lords and Ladies and experience a night out you will never forget!

Standing proud for more than 600 years, this magnificent castle is surrounded by beautiful parklands and is a monument to a bygone age of chivalry and honour.  Dining there is a feast for all the senses.

Who needs, or would want, an excuse not to eat, drink and be merry? And what better way to do just that than in a grand setting which will transport you back in time to one of the most glorious periods in history. This award winning Elizabethan Banquet is the perfect entertainment for those wishing to enjoy an evening of fun, feasting and merriment.

Elizabethan Banquet at Medieval RetreatAt a banquet you will step straight into the pages of Elizabethan history and savour a unique atmosphere that has been centuries in the making. A feast of fine food, wine, mead and entertainment awaits.

The year is 1591 and you are invited to attend a banquet feast. Before the banquet starts, the doors to the dungeons and guardroom are thrown open where wine, ale and mead can be purchased. You will be greeted with a friendly smile but take heed to be well behaved or his Lordship's executioner will deal with you!

Included in this fantastic package is:

Elizabethan Banquet at Medieval Retreat
• 1 night in a twin/double room (2 people per room);
• Full English Breakfast;
• Elizabethan Banquet.

Location: around 10 miles from Newcastle city centre

All this from only £115 per person!

As so many weddings are held at this prestigious venue, please book early to avoid disappointment!

Elizabethan Banquet at Medieval Retreat


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