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Medieval Mayhem for your Stag or Hen Party Nottingham

Set in a wooded glade there are a range of themed challenges to keep those on your Nottingham stag or hen party entertained. Put into teams, your stag or hen partywill take on several challenges in a bid to become lords or ladies of the Jungle! Challenges featured are Beggars Belief, Sheriffs Tax, Gauntlet Down, Witches Test, Storm Nottingham Castle, Trent Duel and Friar Tucks Wheel.

Medieval Mayhem in NottinghamAll safety kit and equipment along will be provided. But do ask all those on your Nottingham stag or hen partyto remember to pack a camera, sense of humour and a smile!

· Around 2½ - 3 hours of the Medieval Mayhem experience;
· Your group to be divided into several teams;
· Briefings by experienced instructors;
· All protective equipment provided;
· Up to seven different challenges to participate in;
· Refreshment facilities on site.

Minimum of 6 people
Location: around 18 miles from Nottinghamcity centre

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