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Male Stripper for your Hen Nights in London

Hen Party LondonHen Nights in London just wouldn't be the same without a gorgeous, fit, male stripper! What better way to get your hen night started than to be witness to such a powerful, charismatic performance from such hunky guys! 

The dancers we use are of the highest calibre and have appeared on TV shows as well as performing in some of the top male strip troupes in the UK. Their focus is to make YOU happy and give a show you will never forget! Depending on how much you think those on your hen night can take, our sexy dancers can strip down to G-string or even go to the Full Monty.....your choice! We can send this fine speciman of a man to your hotel or apartment, or to a city centre club if you don't want Full Monty.

Hen Nights in London
· A 15 – 20 minute fully choreographed strip routine;
· Your choice of G-string or Full Monty;
· Your gorgeous London performer will bring his own music;
· Your choice of outfit (eg Policeman, Fireman, etc);
· Photos at the end with your hunky London performer.

Location: London city centre

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