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Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting for your Stag or Hen Party Nottingham

Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting in NottinghamLaser Clay Pigeon Shooting for your Nottingham stag or hen partyis a totally unique, simulated, hi-tec electronic version of the country sport of Clay Pigeon Shooting. This is shotgun shooting without the need for ear defenders, risk of recoil and the subsequent bruises!

Using real (but de-activated) shotguns, your stag or hen partywill test their skill by shooting laser beams at discs fired from a traditional trap. The shotguns use an infra-red pulse which acts the same as a traditional cartridge, mirroring the action of the shot as it leaves the gun. Different speeds and trajectories can be programmed as you progress and up to 5 people can be shooting at once.

· An hour of Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting;
· A briefing from an experienced instructor.

Minimum of 8 people
Location: around 18 miles from Nottinghamcity centre

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