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Indoor Paintballing for your Hen or Stag Party Manchester

Hen or Stag Party ManchesterAfter being kitted up with camouflage overalls and full protective equipment the fun really begins for your hen or stag party in Manchester! There are several custom built games arenas at this amazing indoor paintballing site.  And feel assured that only the latest equipment is used along with a high quality grade of paintballs to ensure safety, reliability and precision gaming. 

· Several varied indoor games;
· 200 Paintballs (most companies offer only 100);
· Full safety briefing & equipment demonstration;
· Tea or coffee for everyone on your hen or stag party Manchester;
· Latest spec semi-automatic paintball guns;
· Unlimited air propellant throughout the session;
· Protective camouflage overalls and gloves provided;
· Full face and eye protective masks provided.

Minimum of 10 people
Location: around 6 miles from Manchester city centre

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