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Hooters Sports Bar & Restaurant for your Stag Do Nottingham

Hooters is THE place to be for your Nottingham stag do! It's without doubt a visual delight for any red-blooded male, with many big sporting events aired on several screens, and of course, all the lovely Hooters girls serving up food and drinks while wearing very little!Hooters Sports Bar in Nottingham 

This spacious venue specialises in great food, an abundance of ice cold drinks, the best in sports coverage – and most importantly of all – service with a smile! Everyone on your Nottingham stag do will get scrumptious food along with 2 bottles of beer as part of our package - all served by one of the gorgeous Hooters girls! What more can a guy ask for!

· 5 chicken wings;
· Any sandwich from the menu with an extra 2 toppings;
· A portion of Hooters curly fries;
· TWO 2 bottles of beer ;
· Reserved table;
· Free sports coverage;

Minimum of 6 people
Location: 5 minute walk from the train station in Nottingham city centre

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