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Hip Hop Dancing for your Hen Party London

Hen Party London Hip hop dancing is a well-known style that's enjoyed by many and makes a London hen party so much fun. Since the introduction of recent hip hop (or street) dance groups and inspirational dance films, the style of hip hop has taken a huge increase in popularity.

Hip Hop Dancing is a very popular hen party idea as it's so full of energy and is such an up to the minute dance style. This funky style of dance is performed to modern, current hip hop music - just tell the girls on your London hen party to bring along their baseball caps, trainers and some attitude and you're set to go!

· An hour and a half of Hip Hop dancing;
· An experienced choreographer;
· Great photo opportunities for your hen party;
· A certificate as a momento of your London hen party.

Minimum of 8 people
Maximum of 40 people
Location: London city centre

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