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High Ropes Activity Country Retreat

Luxury Activity Retreat
This beautiful 14th Century house is set within 24 acres of stunning grounds and is only 8 miles outside of Newcastle upon Tyne, just a 10 minute drive from the A1.

Each bedroom is furnished with genuine antiques which have been sourced by the hotel as part of its quest to ensure that an overnight stay is a very special event. The rooms themselves reflect the classic charm of the building, whilst the bathrooms are the ultimate in state-of-the-art technology.

There is also a Conservation Centre dedicated to the preservation of all species of bird of prey, including magnificent Bald Eagles and Golden Eagles, African White Backed Vultures and Snowy Owls.

Luxury Activity RetreatFeel the ultimate adrenaline rush being high in the treetops with the High Ropes Experience - climbing through tunnel nets, jumping the 35 feet Leap of Faith, tackling the Wobble Bridge, zipping your way through the woodland and freefalling on the incredible 65ft power-fan.  The highly-trained and enthusiastic staff ensure that you get the most from your ropes experience, and all safety equipment is provided.

Please note the minimum height is 134cm  and the maximum weight is 120kg.

Included in this action packed luxury package:

High Ropes Country Retreat
THREE HOURS on both the Low and High Ropes course;
• Two course lunch;
• 1 night in luxury accommodation (2 people sharing a room);
• Full English Breakfast;
• Dinner at the sumptuous restaurant.

Location: around 8 miles from the city centre

All this from only £120 per person!

As so many weddings are held at this prestigious venue, please book early to avoid disappointment!

Luxury Activity Retreat
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