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Recording A Song for your Stag or Hen Party Manchester

Hen Party ManchesterThere is no better way to get your stag or hen party started and get everyone bonded and ready for the night ahead than a good old sing song! There are so many classic tracks to choose from with over 9000 on the list! Make it good as you may get to relive it when its played at the wedding!

This is a fantastic unique experience for everyone on a stag or hen party to share. Food and drinks can also be taken with you - just don't spill it on the mixing desk!  And everyone gets a CD to take home to play to family and friends!

· THREE hour recording session;
· Lyric sheets provided;
· Effects added to the tracks so you sound like professionals!
· CD for each person to take away with them.

Minimum of 6 people
Maximum of 20 people
Location: around 1 – 2 miles from Manchestercity centre

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