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Greyhound Racing for your Hen or Stag Night Manchester

Hen or Stag Night Manchester
Greyhound racing has seen a modern day transformation. The sport now attracts a wide ranging clientele searching for creature comforts and the thrill of the race. Greyhound Racing has it all for your hen or stag night in Manchester!

For many years, the sport was seen as the poor relation to horse racing, but those times have changed - a ‘Night at the Dogs' has become a really entertaining evening for your hen or stag night!

Please remember to take ID with you as this venue operates a strict Over 18s only policy.

· Admission into the stadium;
Hen or Stag Night Manchester· Racecard;
· Fast Food Meal;
· 4 Pint Pitcher each (Beer, Pimms, Archers or Smirnoff cocktails);
· £5 Betting Voucher;
· Group Photo (per group);
· Taxi into central Manchester.

Minimum of 10 people
Location: 2-3 miles from Manchester city centre

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