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Golf for your Edinburgh Stag Weekend

For those looking for something a little more relaxing, but still with an appetite for competition, a golfing stag weekend in Edinburgh is the perfect option.

Edinburgh Stag WeekendGolf is a classic game of skill, patience and concentration, but can be enjoyed by first time players and seasoned enthusiasts alike. Golfing in the surrounding countryside of Edinburgh is the perfect way to enjoy a laid-back stag weekend.

We can offer you either a standard golf course (for the less experienced golf player on your stag weekend) or a private membership golf course which those on your stag weekend will find more challenging.

Standard Golf Course for your Stag Weekend

· 18 holes of golf;
· Includes green fees & golf club hire;
· Golf ball, baseball cap, bag of tees & ball marker included;
· A trophy for the groups' winning player;
· A snack pack (a filled roll, crisps, chocolate bar & a bottle of water).

Minimum of 6 people
Location: around the outskirts of Edinburgh city centre


Edinburgh Stag Weekend

 Private Membership Golf Course for your Stag Weekend

· 18 holes of golf on a private membership course;
· Includes green fees;
· Golf club hire included.

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