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A Fun Foreplay Lesson for your Hen Party Nottingham

If your Nottingham hen party fancy something that borderlines on being risqué, then this unusual 'girls only' activity is for you! It gives you the opportunity to learn some techniques that all women should know, as well as to build up your sexual confidence, all done in a very female friendly environment! There is even some homework at the end!

This fun hen party activity is definitely not for the faint as you will learn some new sexy tricks whilst discovering a whole lot about the opposite sex that you never knew! There is absolutely no nudity or undressing, so don't be alarmed! But please do ensure that everyone on your hen party is over 18 years old.

· A two hour fun foreplay lesson in Nottingham;
· A sexy quiz between everyone in your hen party;
· Demonstrations to improve your technique!
· A chance to share your experiences;
· Everyone leaves with some homework to do!

Minimum of 10 people
Maximum of 25 people
Location: Nottingham city centre

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