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Dirty Dancing for your Hen Party London

Hen Party LondonEver fancied dancing like Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze? Well, now you can at your hen party in London. The movie is legendary and this fabulous hen party activity allows you to take part in a piece of movie history. By the time we've finished with you, you'll know those Dirty Dancing moves better than the movie stars themselves!

Just remember to have the time of your life with this fun Dirty Dancing class and learn to move like you never have before. This popular London hen party idea will have your hen party dancing to all their favourite numbers from this popular 80s film - and nobody puts Baby in the corner!

· An hour and a half of Dirty Dancing tuition;
· An experienced choreographer;
· Great photo opportunities for your hen party;
· A certificate as a momento of your London Hen Party.

Minimum of 8 people
Maximum of 40 people
Location: London city centre

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