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Bollywood Dancing Class for your Hen Party Nottingham

Bollywood Dancing in Nottingham Bollywood Dancing for your hen party Nottinghamis a very popular activity as the dancing is fun, energetic and vibrant!

Bollywood dancing is a commercial name for modern Indian dancing. It's a combination of classical Indian dance (which is the base), folk dancing such as Bhangra and sometimes has a Latino and influence. Everyone on your hen partywill be given a bindi to decorate your forehead and get you into the spirit of the dance!

· An hour and a half of Bollywood dancing;
· An experienced choreographer;
· Bindis (decorative stickers for your forehead) are provided;
· Great photo opportunities for your hen party;
· A certificate as a momento of your Nottingham hen party.

Minimum of 8 people
Maximum of 30 people
Location: Nottinghamcity centre

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