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Assault Course for your Hen or Stag Party Nottingham

Assault Course in NottinghamCovering a couple of acres, this course has all the usual suspects such as the scramble net, Burma bridge, the wall, black hole and more. Everyone on your Nottingham hen or stag party must complete each element of the course before the rest of the team can move on. So this really is a team game for your hen or stag party!

Following your safety walk around, your hen or stag party must navigate their way through the assault course taking with them their cannon which must be dismantled and re-assembled after each obstacle. Easy you say, well maybe for you but each obstacle challenges a different fear, a tight space, a blacked out hole, a high wall or a wide ravine to swing over. There will be at least one, if not more, in your hen or stag party that needs your support and help at some point around the course.

Assault Course in Nottingham

The course is designed to test you mentally and physically as well as test your ability to work together as a part of a team. It'san incredibly rewarding way of getting dirty. And so a great Nottingham hen or stag party idea!

· Around one hour across the Assault Course;
· Several obstacles to tackle as a team;
· A briefing by an experienced instructor;
· Refreshment facilities on site.

Minimum of 6 people
Location: around 18 miles from Nottingham city centre

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