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Archery for your Stag or Hen Party Nottingham

Learn Archery in the wooded depths of Sherwood Forest for your Nottingham stag or hen party. It's so fitting as this is the spiritual home of archery, courtesy of Robin Hood and his band of merry men.

Archery in NottinghamWhether you're a Maid Marian or more of a Friar Tuck, you'll love the chance to learn how to shoot arrows on target at this woodland archery venue. With experienced tuition your stag or hen party will quickly learn how to load the bow and shoot like a skilled marksman, putting your archery skills into practice for around an hour at this tranquil glade in the middle of Nottinghamshire woodland. A great idea for your Nottingham stag or hen party!

· An hour of Archery;
· A briefing by an experienced instructor;
· Refreshment facilities on site.

Minimum of 6 people
Location: around 18 miles from Nottinghamcity centre

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