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Archery for your Hen or Stag Do Blackpool

Try your hand at the ancient sport of archery - a great activity and it's fun and easy to pick up! After some target practice there will be a competition to see who is the best shot amongst your Blackpool hen or stag do. Your whole group will be hitting bullseyes in no time!
Archery in Blackpool
· Approximately one hour of Archery;
· One trial round (approx 5 arrows per round);
· Approx 6 rounds to the competition;
· Safety briefing from an experienced instructor;
· Person with the highest score wins Master Bowman certificate;
· Complimentary tea/coffee on arrival;
· Refreshment facilities on site.

Minimum of 10 people
Location: around 3 -4 miles from Blackpool town centre


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